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Crook of Baldoon Nature Reserve Walk

This pleasant level walk is a longer trail from the heart of Wigtown out to the RSPB nature reserve at the Crook of Baldoon. It includes a walk along to the Bladnoch Distillery and potential rest point of the Bladnoch Inn, then over the River Bladnoch past the former Co-op Creamery on onwards to the old Wigtown Airfield. The end of the outward journey is the RSPB Nature Reserve and a chance to walk along the mudflats edge. Unfortunately there is no crossing back of the River Bladnoch to make this a circular walk, so it is then time to retrace your steps. The distance shown is the full return journey.

The route is over paths and minor roads;

Distance: 13km / 8 miles

Time: 4 hours


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Wigtown to the Baldoon RSPB Nature Reserve   


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A walk out from Wigtown through Bladnoch, past the Distillery, the old creamery and the old airfield to the Crook of Baldoon RSPB Nature Reserve ….
  1. Start at the Market Cross in the centre of Wigtown. Head north with the County Buildings behind you towards the Open Book and Community Shop.
  2. At the Community Shop turn left heading down Agnew Crescent.
  3. The footpath stops on the left of the road after about 200 yards, so cross over to the right to continue on the path.
  4. Follow the road South West towards Bladnoch for 1 mile until you reach the Bladnoch Inn and the Bladnoch Distillery.
  5. At the Bladnoch Inn, turn left and cross over the Bladnoch Bridge.
  6. 50 yards after crossing the bridge, turn left onto the small road down to the Bladnoch Industrial Estate, following the river.
  7. Continue along the road and after 600 yards go under the old railway bridge.
  8. Follow the road as it winds it way alongside the Bladnoch, past the old quarry and then follow it round to the right as it goes around the old Wigtown Airfield.
  9. After 1.1 miles you will come to a road T junction. Turn left continuing around the airfield perimeter.
  10. After 0.4 miles keep straight on over the little bridge.
  11. Follow the road for 1.4 miles to the RSPB Nature Reserve where there is a viewing platform and picnic tables.
  12. Pass through the gate and turn left to follow the estuary upstream towards Wigtown.
  13. When you reach the end of the path – 0.8 miles – return and retrace your steps.